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Dentist Langley BC is a commonly searched keyword on the internet which indicates that many people are looking for a good dentist in Langley BC.  Search no more because you have found a highly experienced and friendly dentist here at Langley Village Dental!

Our Dentist Langley BC

At Langley Village Dental, our leading and experienced dentist is Dr. Athar Butt.  He has over 10 years experience as a dentist and enjoys all aspects of dentistry.  Dr. Butt began his dental career in London, ON where he attended dental school at the University of Western Ontario.  At this time, he joined the Canadian Forces and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.  After completing his education with high honors, Dr. Butt was promoted to the rank of Captain and posted to CFB Edmonton where he practiced dentistry on our troops for over six years.  In 2011, he was then posted to CFB Esquimalt on Vancouver Island.  After 10+ years of service, Dr. Butt took his leave from the military and began his practice in Langley BC.  During his time in the Forces, he had the opportunity to work in conjunction with several specialists and was sent on many continuing education courses.

Selecting a Dentist Langley BC

When searching for “Dentist Langley BC”, there are many factors that need to be assessed.  First, and the most important factor, is assessing the dentist.  Research their background, their education, their experience and their reputation.  This can be done by doing a search online or asking people who have been to the clinic.  Online reviews such as these (click here) can be great in determining a dentist’s reputation.  Getting a referral from a friend or family member is another way to get a reputable recommendation.

The clinic itself should be looked at too.  How easy is it to access?  Do the hours work with your schedule?  Is the staff friendly and helpful?  Is the clinic modern and clean?  All these factors will give you more information in helping you with your decision.  At Langley Village Dental, we pride ourselves in these areas.  Come visit us and take a tour for yourself today!

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There are many ways to contact us to schedule your visit.  You can contact us directly at 604-510-5300 and speak with our friendly receptionist.  You can also visit our website and request an appointment online.  Our email address is [email protected] and can be used to book appointments or confirm information.  If you are searching for Dentist Langley BC online, then rest assured you have come to right place!

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