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Children’s Dentist

Children’s Dentist in Langley BC At Langley Village Dental, we pride ourselves in taking care of our littlest patients.  Children can be a challenge for any kind of activity, whether it’s a haircut or bath, and dental care is no

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Over time, people develop cracks in their teeth from normal wear and tear and usually remain superficial without causing any problems (called craze lines).  However, if these the cracks run deeper, they can cause mild to intense pain especially when

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Dry Mouth

Everyone’s mouth can feel dry from time to time but this feeling usually passes.  However, if the condition remains long-term and becomes a chronic issue, then this can be a concern.  This article will discuss some common causes of dry

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Fluorosis is a common condition that not many people know about.  It’s not a serious health or physical problem in most cases, but it can be quite the esthetic issue for many people.  Fluorosis occurs when too much fluoride is

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A baby goes through many changes as it grows but one of the toughest on them is the teething stage.  For any parent who has ever had to suffer through a night or week of their child teething, they will

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Wisdom Teeth

Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed? This is a very common question dentists are asked on a regular basis and a lot of patients are confused about.  The simple answer is that no, not all wisdom teeth have

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Temporomandibular Joint – TMJ

The temporomandibular joint, otherwise known as TMJ, can often be a source of pain for patients and frequently is misunderstood for the disease – temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).  Simply put, the difference between the two is that the TMJ is

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Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration is a problem many patients come to our office about and since your smile is the first thing people see, tooth discoloration can be a big problem for some people.  There are mainly 3 types of tooth discoloration

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Dental Emergencies at Home

Dental emergencies occur all the time and most of the time there isn’t a dentist around to help or it occurs outside your dental clinics working hours.  Therefore, it is important to understand common dental emergencies and how to deal

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