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May 16, 2013
4 Cosmetic Procedures

Four cosmetic procedures that are easy, affordable but can make a huge difference to your smile.
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May 14, 2013

|Bruxism is also known as night time grinding of your teeth.  Learn about ways your dentist can help.
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April 19, 2013
Gum Disease

Have you been told you have gum disease but don’t know what it is exactly.  Next time your dentist tells, you will know what it is.
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May 6, 2013
How to Prevent Bad Breath

Many people suffer from bad breath but don’t know the causes or how to prevent it.  Some important information is given here.
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Feb. 14, 2013
Teeth Sensitivity and How Your Dentist Can Help

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, whether hot, cold or sweet.  This info can help reduce sensitivity in your teeth.
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Jan. 15, 2013
Ways of Reducing Pain When Getting Anesthetic at the Dentist

Everyone hates getting a needle in the mouth but there are ways your dentist can lower the anxiety of receiving freezing.
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Dec. 18, 2012
Are Dental X-Rays Taken by Your Dentist Safe?
Many patients wonder about the radiation from dental x-rays.  This section can help put some of that at ease.
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Dec. 8, 2012
Dental Amalgam in Your Teeth – What Should I Know?

There’s a lot fear and apprehension about the mercury in dental restorations.  We discuss that here.
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Nov. 20, 2012
When Should Children Start Using Fluoride Toothpaste?

Parents often wonder when is the best time to introduce fluoride toothpaste to their children.  You can learn about that here.
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