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4 Very Helpful Cosmetic Dental Procedures

You have an important interview or meeting to attend. For the past one week you have been planning as to what dress you should wear, what shoes would go with it, and how your hair should be. So, you get all dressed up for the event, check yourself out in the mirror and flash a wide grin at your own reflection; to your horror your yellow teeth are ruining your whole look! You brush twice a day but you still your teeth’s affinity for the color yellow does not wear off. Maybe a visit to the dentist was an idea you should have considered a long time ago.

White and bright shining teeth are one of the major factors helping you flash that confident smile. Dentists understand the importance of such a smile and help patients get back the confidence in their smiles. There are a range of cosmetic dental treatments on offer that guarantee to improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile. People avoid visiting a dentist because of the fear of pain associated with every dental treatment. But, this is a myth which needs to be abolished. The pain can be considerably reduced with the help of local anesthesia and with the advancements in dental technology; pain is simply negligible.

Here is a list of some of the top cosmetic dental procedures on offer:

Teeth whitening

It is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. This treatment works best for people with yellow, stained and discolored teeth. Discoloration maybe caused due to excessive smoking, poor oral hygiene, or excessive consumption of soft drinks and coffee. In this treatment, the dentist applies a whitening solution, which may need to be reapplied over a period of time to get the desired result. Teeth whitening is a complicated process and it would best if you visited a qualified dentist for the procedure.


This procedure can be used to cover up a number of defects and faults such as discolored, broken, or stained teeth. They can also be used to fill in gaps or rectify the problem of crowded teeth. A veneer is basically a thin layer of porcelain which is attached onto the surface of the faulty tooth. This layer is then shaped or colored according to your existing teeth. With proper care, these veneers have the potential to last for a period of 15 to 20 years.

Dental crown

A dental crown is used for patients with broken, crooked or chipped teeth. There are different types of dental crown available such as metal, ceramic, and porcelain. These crowns are basically designed as a real tooth and are then placed over the chipped or broken tooth. Metal crowns are the cheapest among the lot, while ceramic crowns are the expensive ones.

Gum lift

Some people tend to have a gummy smile, i.e. their smile reveals a lot more gum than desired. Earlier, this procedure involved cutting and stitching the gums which would be very painful and the recovery process was too long. With the advent of laser technology, gums can now be reshaped with minimal pain which also results in less recovery time.

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Dr. Athar Butt
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