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Linking Weight Gain and Mental Health

I was feeling really down tonight, probably more so than I had in quite some time. Out of habit, I started to reach for one of my favorite comfort foods, nachos. I quickly thought better of it, logged on to Weight Watchers, and planned a meal around it instead. Crisis averted.

I'm thinking about the link between weight fluctuations (primarily weight gain) and mental health. Newsweek did a story fairly recently about depression in men, and my experience tonight made me wonder about the link between the two. I have spoken with other men both online and in person about their own experiences with depression, and I'm amazed at how many are candid but discrete about their clinical diagnoses.

Sorry, just must mention this. In my yahoo as I write this and I saw an advertisement for this webpage, That is 3rd offer I've come across from their website today! I feel I am being stalked! Alright, I will resume what I was talking about 😉

So which came first, the depression or the weight loss? Maybe depression hits us in our 30's, so we start looking for some good things to eat to help ease what we're experiencing inside. Or is it the other way around? Maybe we start getting too comfortable with our jobs and our families, so we kind of let ourselves go and forget to exercise enough to keep up with our food intake. We gain weight, and start feel crappy about ourselves. Over a long period of time, it leads to clinical depression. It's a chicken-and-egg dilemma, but one that must be addressed if you think your weight gain may have something to do with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issue.

One thing I've noticed is that my ego has gotten a boost in the arm since weighing in earlier this week. And that's despite the setback at Chili's and my tempations tonight.

I need to give credit with regard to this posting in part to I got the idea for this from I little piece I read up on on their site.

Special Thanks - Really attractive page. - The shots were remarkable! - Glad I stumbled upon these people. - Thank you for the critique. I am the most horrible speller!

Posted in Dentistry Post Date 12/23/2015