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To use the laws of attraction, it is not sufficient to visualize things. You have to be able to actually see them, which is a little different. When you visualize something, your mind is working, but when you are able to actually see something in your mind, it awakens the feelings and emotions that really make things happen. For example, imagine that you want a new job. The job of your dreams! First make a mental picture of this job. See yourself actually doing the job! How do you feel? What emotions can you identify in yourself? Try this three or four times a day. The goal is not to replicate the mental picture. The goal is to replicate the positive feelings and emotions this picture creates. Scientific research has demonstrated that the electromagnetic field of the heart is much more powerful than the minds field.

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Once you are able to replicate these emotions, do not trouble your mind analyzing the details of how this will work. If you do, you will lessen their power with your resistance and preoccupations. Let heaven worry about those issues until the right time comes.

Avoid negative thinking at all costs because it is like putting fuel into a fire. Instead try to focus your attention on only the things you want. It is similar to me asking you not to think about a pink elephant with green dots. Impossible right? As much as I tell you not to think about a pink elephant with green dots, you can still see it in your head. That is what happens when you think about something bad that you do not what to occur.

But what if I ask you take a deep breath for five seconds and ask you to picture a big lion. Can you see it? Watch it's intense and deep stare. Admire it's golden mane, smell it's odor. Now touch it and feel in your hands it's golden hair and it's strong muscles.

Did it work? Are you still thinking about the pink elephant with green dots? I would guess not, unless the lion brought the elephant along...

That is exactly how you can manage your emotions better. When you want to attract something, do not think about what you do not want. Instead, think about what you do want.

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