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Massive Action

Massive Action is something I have been thinking of over the last few days, and I am in the habit of taking massive action right now. I have been reworking this site, contacting as many people as I can, both on the phone and in person to get my work done.

Why Embrace Massive Action?

Massive action is a huge learning process. If you are trying to become a great singer, you don't just sit around and never sing. You also don't just sing some of the time, you sing most of the time. You sing a lot. By doing this, you learn to avoid using certain tones, strengthen your vocal cords, and also develop your own style. Much in the same way any successful person that has come from the ground up has done, you must take massive action to learn.

Massive action distinguishes you from the crowd. Think of it like this, a child that earns a 32 on his or her ACT stands out amongst a school that averages 21. The same applies to you taking action. If you want to start an advertising company, what do you do? Do you call a few numbers and call it a day? Or do you call as many numbers as you can in your waking hours, follow up and also meet with potential clients in person?

Children are great examples of how massive action leads to success. They do not take no for an answer. When they want something, they go out and get it, that is until the conditioning of their upbringing stops them from their actions around 8 12 years of age. Saying, "never talk to strangers" is meant well, and to protect the child, but some children never grow out of it. If you never talk to strangers when you grow older, you will not get your business known.

Children also keep trying to walk until they get it right. They don't stop the first, second or third time they fall. I bet if we could hear their thoughts it would go something like this, "I'm going to get it this time Ouch! That hurt, but oh well. Come on legs, let's go!" They keep trying until they get it right, and I am willing to bet they do not negative talk themselves.

People Know You, and Love You (maybe)

By taking massive action, people will know who you are. All may not think of you in light, but when a certain product or service comes up, they WILL think of you if you have taken massive action.

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It is not always the best who are noticed. In my life, and from the experience of others, I have noticed that sometimes the "horrible" singer is successful and sometimes the "great" singer is successful. I have noticed that between the horrible and great singer though, they both work very hard to take massive action and have learned what it takes to make it.

A pot of happiness, money, or opportunities will not "plop" itself onto your lap, you have to go out there and make it happen.

~ Nick VOP Steele "It's nice to be great, but it's far greater to be nice"

I need to give credit for this article partly to I got the idea for this as a result of something I read from there site.

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Posted in Dentistry Post Date 10/06/2015