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Caring for the elderly

Wow!!! I thought I had more time to get this figured out as to how I was going to be caring for the elderly at home.

Now what do I do? Can I continue to allow them to stay home by themselves as they are getting more febble? What are the home safety concerns in the elderly? Can they cook and clean for themselves? This is a question many adult children will be facing when they notice changes in their parents.

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There is a lot of questions to be considered when allowing your elderly parents to stay at home alone. If they can still get around and cook for themselves then yes allow them to continue to have their independence. As we will learn over time it is very difficult for parents to allow their children to be the caregivers. When they turn over that control then they feel like they lose a lot of who they are.

When elderly adults live by themselves at home we will look at some safety concerns you may not even think about. Also we will look at the inside of the home for some safety concerns.

At Home Caring For The Elderly with Front Door Safety.

One big concern of mine with my mom was the fact that she would just open to door up to anyone, whether she knew them or not. Most of the times it would be at night time and she would not even look out the peep hole to see who it was. On many occassions I would stress to her that she should not open the door to anyone she did not know especially after dark. Look at how many older adults end up being robbed or even killed because they opened up the front door to someone they did not even know. People today will watch to see who comes and goes from elderly adults homes to see when the best time isto catch them unaware. Stress to your older adult parents never open up the door no matter what someone may tell them. Know who you are opening up the door too.

Elderly At Home: Safety In The Kitchen:

There we're several concerns I had in the kitchen with my mom and dad. The first was the temperature of the water coming out of the faucet. As we are taking care of the elderly we must realize they lose feeling and sensation in parts of their bodies like their hands and feet. As the caregiver we must check the temperature of the hot water heater to make sure that the water does not burn them as they continue to run the hot water. Most older adults do not even realize they have burned themselves with water until there are blisters forming on their body parts. Bath water is another concern for the elderly. Again they may not be able to feel how hot or cold the water really is. Also watch out when your parents or older adults fix coffee for themselves. If their hands are shaky or they have poor balance they may spill coffee on themselves and receive burns.

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