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8 things you do that might be making you overweight

Here are 8 of the best weight loss tips some of them are surprising! Which of them are stopping you from achieving healthy weight loss?

1. Not looking at labels

Not being aware of how many calories you are eating is probably one of the biggest causes of excess weight. When I started to take notice of this, I was massively surprised. Remember how popcorn is supposed to be a healthy alternative to crisps or other snacks? WRONG.

2. Beautiful crockery

Okay, so I have a set of gorgeous black dinner plates from IKEA. I love them. However, we often subconsciously rely on visual cues, like the size of our bowls and plates to tell us how much to eat. I now eat from bowls or side plates a lot of the time, because when your plate looks full, you're less likely to feel deprived subconsciously even though your portion size is smaller.

TOP TIP Try measuring portions by the size of your palm this is true for children, men and women. Whatever you can fit in your palm is about how much you should be eating.

3. Going shopping with no list!

Doritos are my absolute favorite crisp in the world. Tangy Cheese flavored. I could eat a whole sharing bag to myself, no problems. Walking past them in the aisle is always a struggle. If I plan my food out, I can plan my list. If I plan my list, it really doesn't matter that Doritos are on offer (again). I don't need them, and I am armed with a list of reasons why.

TOP TIP Try shopping online no temptations!

4. Not paying attention

Its chill out night. We've settled down with some chips and dip, or some olives and nibbles in front of the TV. More often than not I'm multi-screening and I'm also on Twitter/Facebook/Blogs too. Basically, I'm not giving any attention to what I'm shoveling in my mouth. Mistake. Before I know it I've downed a whole bag of Doritos, some pickled gherkins and countless malteasers. Bad times.

TOP TIP Sit down in front of your food, in front of your family, turn your phone off and eat until you're done.

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5. Drinking fizzy drinks

So, fizzy drinks might not all be bad, really, my point here was more about sugar. A can of cola can have something crazy like 8 teaspoons of sugar in it. Like would you ever have a cup of tea with 8 sugars in? No? Why are you doing it with your cold drinks then!

TOP TIP Try Zero drinks. Honestly, they aint half bad if you need a cold drink fix.

6. Eat more during the day

You know as well as I do that stuffing your face with pizza an hour before you go to bed isn't ideal. Sometimes I have a really light tea and by the time I go to bed I am actually hungry. The trick is to eat more when it's light outside, and less when it's dark. If I have a decent dinner, I'm less likely to snack/eat crap later on.

TOP TIP If you do snack, or are a bit of a grazer always have healthy stuff on hand. Keep your cupboards full of crisps, and funny enough, that's what you'll snack on.

7. Trying to rigidly stick to a diet then 'treating' yourself at the weekend

I think we must all be guilty of this I know I am and I'm a multiple offender! I will exist on soup through the week, then the weekend rolls around and you think WOW I'M AMAZING, I TOTALLY SHOULD ORDER AN EXTRA LARGE PAPA JOHNS. However, rather than restricting yourself most of the time, then going wild, it might be better to balance this out!

TOP TIP Remember that you can achieve your goals by making good choices the majority of the time if you fancy a pizza, it doesn't have to be a blow out!

8. Not sleeping well

If you don't sleep well, this could be upsetting your hormones and making you feel hungrier than you need to be. Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you hungry, and leptin is the one which makes you feel full. Not balancing these by sleeping means you'll be randomly hungry and more likely to turn to random snacks!

TOP TIP Aim for at least 7-8 hours of shut-eye. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends, holidays, and days off can do wonders for your body.

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