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Thoughts, Body and Feelings

Realizing what we are

Human beings are living beings that are scientifically considered as mammals. We have a body, and within that body we experience thoughts and feelings. Humans have a developed brain and have a brain capacity that we do not see in other living beings: the power of creation, the gift of imagination. If you have pets at home you may observe that animals are intelligent. They have an intuitive intelligence and they are beings of expanded awareness who follow their instincts. What does it mean following their instincts? one of the possible explanations is that they do not rationalize what happens around them. They have no filter or judgment. Have you ever noticed that your dog loves you unconditionally? You can be angry, upset, send him away at times, that your dog will always be there for you. It is no surprise that many spiritual tribes consider the dog as a sacred animal and they mention that men / women should learn from dogs how to love. It seems that judgments are inherent to Human Beings and the funniest thing to realize is that we are the ones who invent them and then we are the ones who cannot break from them. So, what do thoughts, body and feelings have to do with this?


There are around 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts crossing our minds every day! This means around 35 to 45 thoughts per minute per person. Tiring. Just imagine you counting the thoughts you have per day? You would stop thinking in a blink of an eye so that you wouldn't have to count them! Why do we think so much? What are these thoughts? Are these thoughts really necessary?

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Maybe it's difficult to believe but these things are my passion in life. I do not even have a name for the passion itself. I just find fascinating knowing about ourselves. If you ask me... spiritualist and scientist myself, from my observations I do not believe we need or use all the thoughts that run through our minds. Just think that you may have 70,000 thoughts per day but how many action? Not even close in number. So this means that only a tiny percentage of your daily thoughts will actually lead you to action. And if you think of how many brilliant ideas you have per day, then the percentage decreases even more. So why do we think so much?

Observe yourself. We filter events, people, dreams, ideas, actions, and everything through our own filter of what we know about them. It is as we are computers running the same program all the time. We run the same program of judgments about people, the same program of judgments about locations and events, the same program of limitations about dreams and ideas... This is unique to human beings. Why? Because we know. We conclude about things based on past experiences so if we we're computers we would be considered out of date constantly. This program prevents us from living us in the NOW. Why? Because we have all of our attention focused on the judgment of the experience instead in the living of the experience. Quantum physics tells us about the principle of uncertainty. How many times do we allow uncertainty to be present in our lives? And why not?

If you dig a little in these questions you will find that we are terribly afraid of the unknown. Why? Because the unknown can be anything!!! Well, think with me... If it can be anything, it can be a miracle! It can be a dream coming true! It can be a wonderful life, but when do you think of unknown what comes to mind? Catastrophes, losing everything, scarcity, monsters sometimes, aliens taking us to space...

So we have a society that is clearly biased to the negative side of things. Why is this? I do not really know, but I don't like it.

Many of our thoughts are useless and many of them are extremely useful! Who is the host? You are. Who chooses the thoughts who are staying in the hotel of your mind? You do. Let's start choosing our guest thoughts...

Bit of a sidetrack now... I'm looking to re-design the site. Considering colour scheme quite a bit and needed opinions. What do you think about Yes, no? Leave a comment. Apologies! I am a scatterbrain, We'll get back on track here.


How do we care about our body? How often do we remember we have one? How often do we listen to the temple of our soul? When we start meditating and practicing implementing spiritual practices in our lives we get to an awareness of the body itself. It's a beautiful feeling. It is the knowingness that our body has intelligence. For many years society has put down things that we're related to the body and now it's the time to think and feel differently about it. Let's think together... What is the body? A system of cells working together all the time. What are cells? Biology defines a cell as an autonomous unit able to self-replicate itself and interact with other units in the same organism. Isn't it a miracle? So let's think a little further... each cell of your body has memory. The memory is in your DNA. Your cells remember blue eyes, brown eyes, brown hair, blonde hair, and so on... Now, think about it... You are constantly creating new cells since you we're born, so they are passing the information to the new cells constantly... This means that if we find a way of changing the message, we change it all. Well your cells interact with the exterior world all the time, if we change the way the cells perceive that exterior, what happens to the body?

Perhaps you have had the experience of going to a hike or to a workout and completing it very happy and realized. Just a natural happiness in being alive and problems seem very solvable and easy. What is happening here? You we're not thinking as much probably and you have focused for a certain amount of time your attention in a physical / body activity and you feel a pure and raw happiness coming from within our body... well but what is your body? Your body is that bunch of cells. So, are we saying that if your cells are happy you are happy too? How interesting! This sounds good! From now on let's hear what our bodies have to say... What does it say to you? Without the filter of judgment or knowledge.


Society, especially western societies have always neglected feelings in favor of a rational and logical way of living. How many people around you are actually unhappy living this way? Let me tell you that the struggle within is always between mind and heart. In an eternal battle the heart feels and the mind judges. When we get to have the mind agreeing with the heart and the heart accepting the mind we find something very beautiful that is alignment... Alignment gives you a new sense of life, because it allows you to create in a positive way your whole life. Imagine you having a dream from your heart and your mind agreeing with it, without judging, condemning, putting it down? This would be bliss? So what do we have to do to heal this? to overcome this? There are many different things one ca do. One of them is as simple as working out regularly. Another one is for example meditating. Another is for example allowing the mind to have new thoughts and to once and for all ACCEPT the feelings we feel without judgment. TRY this until tomorrow... and share the results with us all 🙂

I am going to point out that I got the thought for this article chatting to Vincenzo at vincenzo pistritto. Thank you for the seed. I guess you find inspiration in unanticipated places.


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