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At Langley Village Dental, we are proud to offer single visit dental crowns for not only your convenience, but also to bring you the most advanced and accurate method of receiving a dental crown.  No more temporary crowns and waiting weeks to receive your permanent crown. Your tooth will be prepared and a custom dental crown will be digitally made to fit your tooth like a glove. Same day crowns offer you the same high strength you would get from a lab but a more accurate fit which ensures long term success.

What is Cerec?

Cerec is a state of the art system that allows a computer to digitally scan your tooth and then create a dental crown custom made for your tooth. It uses CAD/CAM technology that allows for 3-D designing of your custom dental crown. Dental labs use similar technology to make your dental crown the old fashion way. By bringing this technology to our clinic, it cuts out the time the lab needs to make your dental crown which can be several weeks later. Cerec technology has been around for over 20 years and with several upgrades, the new Cerec system is one of the most accurate methods of making a dental crown. The final restoration will be a metal-free, high strength ceramic dental crown that is bio-compatible with the tissues in your mouth.

The Cerec Process

Your dental crown appointment will start off like a normal crown appointment, in which your tooth will be prepared for the dental crown. At this point, your tooth will be digitally scanned with our Cerec computer system and uploaded in the system. Then the dentist will design your crown to custom fit your tooth, your bite and fit in aesthetically with the rest of your teeth. This design will then be sent to a milling machine in another room, where your crown will be made and custom shaded to your tooth. The dental crown will then be tried in and cemented with high strength resin cement. You will then walk out with a custom made dental crown in your mouth in only one appointment!

Why Choose Cerec?

  • Time: Save time with only one appointment.  No need to return for a second appointment to have your dental crown inserted.
  • Comfort: You will no longer need to spend weeks with a temporary crown. This will also eliminate the need to be anesthetized/frozen again.
  • Strength: Milled ceramic is much stronger than the method of layering and pressing ceramic that is used at most dental labs.
  • Aesthetics: The strong, accurate dental crowns restore your tooth to its natural tooth structure while maintaining a natural-looking tooth with no metal.
  • Fillings: The Cerec machine can also make dental fillings out of ceramic which is stronger than your normal composite fillings, and fit much better.

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