Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is an important part of your overall healthcare.  A lot of people do not place a great deal of emphasis on having your teeth professionally cleaned, but gum disease and oral health problems have been linked to other diseases such as heart disease.

Why Should I Get Teeth Cleaning from My Dentist?

The main reason for getting teeth cleaning is to maintain the health of your teeth so you can keep them as long as possible.  Regular home cleanings such as brushing and flossing can remove the majority of bacteria and plaque from your teeth, but there are many areas where your brush and floss cannot reach.  In these areas, bacteria flourish and eat away at your teeth, gums and the bone surrounding the teeth.  If things are left this way, then over time your teeth can become loose and eventually have to be removed.  Routine teeth cleanings can prevent this from occurring.

Besides preventing gum disease, teeth cleanings can prevent other conditions, such as bad breath, discolored teeth, sensitivity and tooth decay.  During your teeth cleanings, your hygienist and/or dentist will check you for any of these problems and therefore, preventing things from getting worse.

Do My Teeth Affect My Overall Health?

Your teeth are part of your body, so therefore, any problems with them will affect your overall health.  In fact, gum disease has been linked to heart disease in studies.  If your teeth are not maintained, then your body expends energy in trying to fix the problem.  This energy could be used in other parts of your body that might require more serious attention.  Therefore, it is important to have regular teeth cleanings in order to maintain good oral health.

How Often Should I Go For Teeth Cleaning?

The recommended time interval for teeth cleanings is every 6 months.  This allows for proper removal of plaque and calculus that builds up over time.  However, some people with gum disease may be required to come in more frequently such as every 3 months.  This will be determined by your dental hygienist or dentist upon your first appointment.  As things change, your frequency of visits will change as well.

What Happens During My Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

During your teeth cleaning appointment, you will be seen by our hygienist.  Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned by her either using hand instruments or our ultrasonic scaler.  Once all plaque and calculus is removed, your teeth will be polished and a fluoride application applied.  The dentist will also take a look at your teeth to make sure they are in optimal health and discuss any issues he might see.

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