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Dentistry Services

Here at Langley Village Dental, we provide a broad spectrum of local dental care services in Langley that includes:

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Teeth Cleaning

Strong oral health and maintenance of your teeth begins with regular cleanings. This improves the health of the gums, reduces the amount of tartar and plaque accumulation and reduces the risk of periodontal disease.

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Children’s Dentist

Good dental habits begin early in childhood. With a great start early on, your child will build the foundation for great oral health for years to come. Our dentist loves to work with children and offers a relaxing and fun environment to improve your child’s dental experience.  We offer a variety of general dental services such as cleanings, regular check-ups, and free consultation for kids under the age of 3.

Contact us to book your check-up and cleaning appointment!

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Dental Fillings

We offer dental fillings that are mercury -free to those of you who would opt for this preference. Fillings are used to replace lost tooth structure resulting from tooth decay. 

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Dental Emergency

Broken tooth? In dental pain? We are here to help you! We offer root canal treatment and same-day crowns to address broken and infected teeth. Many solutions are available for patients requiring emergency dental services.

Our call in phone line can properly direct you.

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Dental Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays help dentists see what is going on not only inside the tooth but also at the roots of the teeth. This is invaluable in diagnosing cavities, infections and bone levels. With digital X-rays, you will be exposed to less radiation than you would with conventional X-rays.

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Sedation Dentist

Oral sedation dentistry is offered for patients who would like to greatly reduce fear and anxiety related to the experience.

Talk to our dentist to see what solution is best for you.

We offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that can help rejuvenate your smile. The BOTOX cosmetic injections that we offer help relax lines on your face. We also provide Invisalign® (clear aligners) to align teeth, in-office whitening, and porcelain crowns/veneers. Contact us to book your consultation!

We offer a variety of ways to restore teeth, including white fillings and same-day crowns. Here are some of the restorative options that we can help you with:

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If you have any question regarding our dental clinic Langley services, please contact Langley Village Dental for more information at 604-510-5300 or

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