We Offer Invisalign® Straightening System in Langley

Invisalign® is a form of clear braces used to align and correct crooked teeth. It’s different from conventional braces in that it does not have metal wires running across your teeth, but instead, you use a series of clear aligners. These aligners are like mouthguards except they are very thin and completely see through. It is very difficult to see the aligners in people who are using the Invisalign® method.

A picture showcasing a girl holding clear aligners

Invisalign® Advantages

The obvious advantage of Invisalign® is that you don’t see them, therefore being able to carry on day-to-day without people noticing them. But that’s not the only advantage. Because they can be taken in and out of your mouth, it is a lot easier to brush your teeth and floss, therefore being able to maintain good overall oral health. This also does not restrict the food you can eat which can occur with regular braces.

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