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Convenient Invisalign® Straightening System in Langley

Do you hesitate while smiling? Aren’t you confident about your smile anymore? Not being able to smile openly can affect anybody’s health, both socially and psychologically. Hence, if the reason behind your half-smile is crooked, the slight gap between your teeth or crowding, Invisalign® is meant for you.


At Langley Village Dental, we offer the Invisalign straightening system in Langley. Invisalign® is a new modern solution that straightens your teeth without wires. It is a form of clear braces that are custom moulded into a set of invisible aligners and fitted into place over your teeth. They help to align and correct crooked teeth. It’s different from conventional braces because it does not have metal wires running across your teeth. These aligners are like mouthguards, except they are very thin and completely see-through.

It is very difficult to see the aligners in people who are using the Invisalign® method. So, do you have crooked teeth but don’t want to wear traditional braces? Get Invisalign Langley from Langley Village Dental by making an appointment with us.

A picture showcasing a girl holding clear aligners

Invisalign® Advantages

There are many benefits of getting Invisalign, and one of the obvious advantages of Invisalign® is that nobody can see through, which allows you to go through your day without you feeling awkward or people noticing them. With traditional braces, there is an element of irritation attached to it and don’t forget it limits the kind of food you can eat and requires heavy maintenance. Getting Invisalign® from Langley Village Dental is a great alternative. But that’s not the only benefit of getting Invisalign. They can easily be taken in and out of your mouth, which allows you to brush your teeth and floss very easily. To know whether you too can take advantage of Invisalign or not, book an appointment with us.

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