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Professional Root Canals in Langley

A root canal treatment can save a tooth that is severely inflamed, irritated or decayed. It may seem like the most intimidating dental procedure, but our compassionate and qualified staff at Langley Village Dental clinic will make you feel comfortable and will very patiently take you through the whole process. Our personalized and dedicated attention to each one of our patients is what makes us the sought-after clinic in Langley for root canal treatment. We are proud to be associated with many dental associations.

If you are due for the root canal procedure, you should do it sooner than later, or else the infection inside the root will damage the bone and surrounding tooth. If you have a toothache but can’t decide about getting a root canal treatment in Langley, consult our dentists first.

dentist in mask filling the patient's root canal while she is lying on dental chair wearing safety glasses under the medical lamp in clinic

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Also referred to as Endodontic therapy or Endodontic treatment, the primary purpose of getting a root canal treatment is to remove and replace infected pulp or nerves in a tooth. The space present inside the hard layers of your tooth is called the root canal system, and in the said treatment, the space is filled with dental pulp that allows your tooth to grow.

Preventive Measures

Being consistent with your oral hygiene can go a long way in helping you avoid root canal treatment. It is recommended you brush your teeth two times a day and floss regularly. Limit your intake of sugar and carbonated water as much as possible.

Not Able to Chew Food Properly?

Don’t postpone your visit to our dental clinic for root canals treatment in Langley

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